40 Hours R&R

I have finally managed to get some downtime from work and everything else –  a little bit of me time, where I can catch up with my friends (if I had many of them) and just be me. I do have some good friends who either know I’m an aspie (slang for Asperger’s) or kind of suspect it. The closest of these friends are a work mate with whom I really can be me and the VP (Vice President) of my archery club. My work mate is a very interesting and intelligent woman who, like Mrs Bob, can hold a serious conversation with me about the random crap in my head.  My VP is a dude some 15 years my junior who coaches me at the sport (yes it’s a sport, dammit) of archery and calls me names. Also my one-eyed cat, if she counts as a friend. I’m not sure on that, but we have shared a house and cans of tuna for many years.





So today being the first day off in a week I have had a bit of a relaxing one. I have been out for a bit into the town, whigh was scary and relaxing at the same time. I really don’t like people but it was nice to have a day where I could do what I wanted … and what I wanted was an omelette. So I rang a few places as I hate walking in and leaving places if they don’t have what I want. Eventually I hunted down a cheese and tomato one with gluten free bread! I’m a freaking coeliac to make matters worse, but it was amazing and so worth the search.


I missed not having anyone to share my time off with as Mrs Bob was busy with work and my friends were both busy.  But it’s the little things that we have to take time to enjoy, even if it’s lying on the bed watching TV, or hunting the lesser-spotted omelette across the South Devon plains.

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