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There are days when things just become too much and I’m not able to cope with the stimulation. I have, over the last two years developed an ability to hold conversations or small talk with my workmates, even with maybe the occasional bit of eye contact (steady on Bob) with it not ending up taking everything out of me mentally.

We are now in season and have lots of tourists and strangers around here, which is a whole different ball game. It’s very stressful and can be very draining.  Add to this the fact that work is very busy to boot and I’m on my own,  and you can see the issue. I’m now trying to calm down as I can’t shut my brain down.

I’m very happy that a colleague came in on their day off with her family and really managed to help me sort myself out, as well as lending me a hand. It’s times like this I really value Mrs Bob, my workmates and my partner in crime.

love you all guys X

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