Narrow Field of Focus

We, as Aspies, all have an obsession – although I prefer the term ‘Narrow Field of Focus’ (NFF), where we know a great deal about a given subject.  Mine is a very common or garden variety one – it’s a love of graphic novels, superheroes and film. Mainly Batman. I have over 500 graphic novels and countless collectables. I have made good use of my NFF and used it to meet some legends in the DC and Marvel universe, but that’s another story.

I’m fairly happy that my NFF is a relatively “normal” one and often wonder what strange and wonderful NFF my fellow Aspies have and how it impacts their life. I remember reading about a young lad who’s thing was vacuum cleaners and who  had a salesman come to his birthday party. The salesman said that the lad knew more about the product than he did and he’d been doing the job 20 years.

What I’m trying to say is: why not drop me an email at or leave a comment and let’s see who has the most original NFF.



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