It’s times like today that I really do despair for some members of the human race. (a term I use loosely). I was sitting near child who was bright, happy and full of beans. One of the adults who was with the child was then addressed by someone else who said she should “keep the child under better control”.  When told that the child was autistic, their response seemed to be “that it’s  just a badly behaved child – stop making excuses for them”.

I didn’t find this out until the child asked me to help them with their ipad.  At this point, the adult that had been spoken to told me about what had happened and that the child was autistic. “Thanks for helping you seem to be able to connect and understand my child” I just smiled and said it’s possibly because I’m autistic too, I have Asperger’s.

Then, when they left the adult came over held my hand and said  “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us”.  This got me in the feels. I disn’t do it because we’re both autistic or to get thanks. I do it because it’s who I am. I would like to be treated that way and I know that this poor child sees this world differently to the rest of you NT’s but has more kindness and more about them than the vile excuse of a human being who thought that berating the adult would somehow cure the child. How stupid are some people? I’m ashamed to say that this possibly wasn’t an isolated incident and this child will experience many more.

When will people learn to appreciate the different skill sets we all bring to the table.

Stay safe X

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