My Very Own Lazarus Pit

Well what a day off, which, after the last couple of days (which included being asked to do a video-type recording thing on comic books, etc). I needed a day off to unwind and relax.

Cue a call from my favourite (and local) comic book store Gnash Comics of Ashburton, to say that a graphic novel they were keeping hold of until the artist  (Jock) happened to make one of his many trips in, so they could ask him to sign it, had been signed. By golly I’m so happy with it. It is a thing of beauty (see below)


That, plus a nice walk and a relaxing afternoon followed by my favourite podcast – The Lazarus Pit Pod – talking about comic book and movie type stuff. This week was top 5 heroes (and my favourite, Batman, was number 1), while relaxing with a really nice bath in my very own “Lazarus Pit”.


Stay safe X


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