Today I’m left wondering about wheather, and how, sleep can affect the way I am and the way I interact with the world. I’m left wondering this after I had about 6 hours sleep (that’s nothing new) and was woken by my alarm clock of the furry variety. This in itself is not an issue.  What was an issue was the fact that while I was still half asleep. I had Mrs Bob cuddling me and talking to me.

I know I shouldn’t complain at having such a loving wife, but it just felt like too much stimulation for my half-firing neurons to cope with. Since then, I have tried to sleep as I was still tired and have to work today. I managed to get another hour but now I’m not feeling myself – I’m crabby and impatient and my neurological functions seem slower. I’m not tired, I just don’t seem to be working right.

This led me to wonder if it was the amount of sleep we get or if the way we were brought out of that sleep was the responsible for this result. It’s time to science this.

stay safe X

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