Sneak Peak

While I work on my new book I thought I would treat you to a sneak peak of some of my work.

Happy Sunday everyone

Stay safe X

Home Movie

We remember it like
It happened yesterday
We fondly reminisce

Those tweets and texts
Stolen moments, shared
They still raise a smile.

The moment we met
That tune was playing
All part of the soundtrack…

We had Skype, emails, texts
To keep us connected
Between the hugs and kisses

We finally moved in together
Making this a lovely home
With our one-eyed cat

If you don’t believe me, dear,
Ask your mother later on.
We both giggle so fondly.

It’s all like one big film
The highs and lows
This one has had them all.

“One star – too free thinking”
Daily Mail

“Five stars – freaking awesome”
K Magazine

The only thing left is a question
21 December 2013: Will you press record
and make our eternal home movie?

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