Snooze Button

Why doesn’t life have a snooze button? This is a question that I often find myself asking when I’m feeling as drained as I am right now. Let’s rewind a little shall we, and start at the beginning (as good a place as any right?).

I have been working all week and we have been really busy. This is nothing new – I’m getting home late and by the time I’ve eaten and relaxed with Mrs Bob it’s time to sleep. My brain needs a while to shut down enough to sleep and it’s usually late by the time it’s done so. This is fine, but I’m then woken up from 0530hrs onwards by my cat and other things.

During a normal week I get two days off to recuperate and recharge my batteries not only from the sleep deprivation but also the effects that having to be social has on my health.  This may sound far-fetched, but I find that as an Aspie, I can engage in small-talk and friendly chat, but it takes a lot out of me emotionally and physically.

One day this week I had a busy day scheduled as I had press passes for a ComicCon that was an hour away from my home. This meant an early start so I could be there when the doors opened. I find that you can get interviews, photos, etc, done before if gets really busy and so peopley that I can’t cope.

So, a very early start after late night.  I did the ComicCon then came home for an hour or so, then headed off to work On my own. Then by the time I’ve walked back, eaten, etc, it was 01.35am.  Then I was woken at 05.30, 07.20 and 08.42.

So now I’m drained, not able to process things properly and don’t have another day off work til next week.  I’m wondering why life has no snooze button!

Stay Safe X


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