Hidden Gems

Kindness cartoon

Well I’ve had a busy couple of days of late. I spent my day off working on my website and business, which is really good fun when your NFF (narrow field of focus) just so happens to coincide with your website. I have found that I’m getting lots of cool free and discounted stuff – even press passes for comic cons, so I find it’s never a chore to do it. Then a rare treat – I went to my local comic book store to play Magic The Gathering (geeky card game) and came across an All⭐️Star Batman issue 1 Variant cover. A variant cover, for those not in the know, is a comic that has an extra card cover over it, with the comic’s name, issue, etc, but essentially the rest is white – a blank canvas if you will. I have commissioned a variant before from a good friend of mine; he is an illustrator and comic creator, so I’m now in the process of having a second one done ready to be framed for my office wall.  All in all a great day

I said busy couple of days I was at work yesterday and it was busy – not manic, but constantly busy. Days like that reiterate the idea that despite the fact that I prefer to be alone most of the time, I need to rely on others for help and support when I’m busy and my colleagues are just the best. They make the madness bearable – we have fun,  and we work with each other, not against. We are a team, plus the much-needed wind down after work is always good fun.

Stay safe X



Recently I shared a video with anyone that bothered to read this randomness from a very funny guy called Michael McCreary called “Does This Make My Aspergers Look Big” in which he goes on about being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and how it affected him in life.

Since then I have come across an interview with Michael (see link below)

Michael McCreary interview

This has me wondering about stuff and things (nothing new there really) and I wondered if anyone on the spectrum finds things funny that your average NT (neuro typical) doesn’t, and vice versa. I mean, is it really okay for us to poke fun at ourselves and our Aspieness, or should we just leave it alone?

Here again is Michael McCreary with more hilarious stand up. You have to give this guy credit. He’s stood up in front of people. I don’t know about you, but even if I was NT that would scare the bejesus out of me.

Michael McCreary Stand up

He clearly has a gift for comedy, and mine is (allegedly) poetry. So I want to throw this question out there: What’s your special talent? What’s your unique gift or NFF (Narrow Field of Focus) that gives you happiness and brings order to the chaos?

Stay Safe you lovely people X



No Pressure (honest)

Well I’ve had a nice day off and been working on my book and my Twitter page (in between GTAV online breaks) and suddenly a few things have dawned on me.

One – my book (Behind The Mask) which is a total reworking of the original idea including new found poems, new bio and even new art. While it is slowly taking shape, it reminds me that it’s all my personal feelings about things laid bare. This is a scary concept – What if people don’t like it, don’t get it? What if I don’t like it when it’s done?

Two – my personal Twitter feed @DrBobChristian (feel free to join me) has exploded in followers from around 500 to well over 5,000.  This again is a scary thing as there is now an expectation to be witty, amusing and even clever. For those who have ever met me in person, you’ll know that I’m far from those things. I’m a lot of things, but not those things!

So, in short, this has me feeling some kind of pressure.  But hey, it’s all good fun and part of a learning curve.

Stay great x



It’s times like today that I really do despair for some members of the human race. (a term I use loosely). I was sitting near child who was bright, happy and full of beans. One of the adults who was with the child was then addressed by someone else who said she should “keep the child under better control”.  When told that the child was autistic, their response seemed to be “that it’s  just a badly behaved child – stop making excuses for them”.

I didn’t find this out until the child asked me to help them with their ipad.  At this point, the adult that had been spoken to told me about what had happened and that the child was autistic. “Thanks for helping you seem to be able to connect and understand my child” I just smiled and said it’s possibly because I’m autistic too, I have Asperger’s.

Then, when they left the adult came over held my hand and said  “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us”.  This got me in the feels. I disn’t do it because we’re both autistic or to get thanks. I do it because it’s who I am. I would like to be treated that way and I know that this poor child sees this world differently to the rest of you NT’s but has more kindness and more about them than the vile excuse of a human being who thought that berating the adult would somehow cure the child. How stupid are some people? I’m ashamed to say that this possibly wasn’t an isolated incident and this child will experience many more.

When will people learn to appreciate the different skill sets we all bring to the table.

Stay safe X

It’s a Hard life


In Squad We Trust

Well after a couple of seriously stressful days at work I have managed to use my day off very productively. As I have said earlier my NFF (obsession) is comic books and nerdy movies, so imagine my delight when I gor a free ticket to the cinema and used it to watch Suicide Squad.

I have also manged to write a comprehensive review of the movie for a website that covers all this kind of stuff. So all in all, a very good day off before my next work day. I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Narrow Field of Focus

We, as Aspies, all have an obsession – although I prefer the term ‘Narrow Field of Focus’ (NFF), where we know a great deal about a given subject.  Mine is a very common or garden variety one – it’s a love of graphic novels, superheroes and film. Mainly Batman. I have over 500 graphic novels and countless collectables. I have made good use of my NFF and used it to meet some legends in the DC and Marvel universe, but that’s another story.

I’m fairly happy that my NFF is a relatively “normal” one and often wonder what strange and wonderful NFF my fellow Aspies have and how it impacts their life. I remember reading about a young lad who’s thing was vacuum cleaners and who  had a salesman come to his birthday party. The salesman said that the lad knew more about the product than he did and he’d been doing the job 20 years.

What I’m trying to say is: why not drop me an email at AspergersPoet@gmail.com or leave a comment and let’s see who has the most original NFF.




Featured Image -- 69

There are days when things just become too much and I’m not able to cope with the stimulation. I have, over the last two years developed an ability to hold conversations or small talk with my workmates, even with maybe the occasional bit of eye contact (steady on Bob) with it not ending up taking everything out of me mentally.

We are now in season and have lots of tourists and strangers around here, which is a whole different ball game. It’s very stressful and can be very draining.  Add to this the fact that work is very busy to boot and I’m on my own,  and you can see the issue. I’m now trying to calm down as I can’t shut my brain down.

I’m very happy that a colleague came in on their day off with her family and really managed to help me sort myself out, as well as lending me a hand. It’s times like this I really value Mrs Bob, my workmates and my partner in crime.

love you all guys X

40 Hours R&R

I have finally managed to get some downtime from work and everything else –  a little bit of me time, where I can catch up with my friends (if I had many of them) and just be me. I do have some good friends who either know I’m an aspie (slang for Asperger’s) or kind of suspect it. The closest of these friends are a work mate with whom I really can be me and the VP (Vice President) of my archery club. My work mate is a very interesting and intelligent woman who, like Mrs Bob, can hold a serious conversation with me about the random crap in my head.  My VP is a dude some 15 years my junior who coaches me at the sport (yes it’s a sport, dammit) of archery and calls me names. Also my one-eyed cat, if she counts as a friend. I’m not sure on that, but we have shared a house and cans of tuna for many years.





So today being the first day off in a week I have had a bit of a relaxing one. I have been out for a bit into the town, whigh was scary and relaxing at the same time. I really don’t like people but it was nice to have a day where I could do what I wanted … and what I wanted was an omelette. So I rang a few places as I hate walking in and leaving places if they don’t have what I want. Eventually I hunted down a cheese and tomato one with gluten free bread! I’m a freaking coeliac to make matters worse, but it was amazing and so worth the search.


I missed not having anyone to share my time off with as Mrs Bob was busy with work and my friends were both busy.  But it’s the little things that we have to take time to enjoy, even if it’s lying on the bed watching TV, or hunting the lesser-spotted omelette across the South Devon plains.