Mini Getaway

Well after the events of the last crazy few days in my life, I’ve realised that it’s at  times like this that I wish I was an NT and not an Aspie.

I had some leave planned for the end of this week to travel across country for a couple of days, so as I write this I’m nicely tucked up in a huge comfy bed in a hotel where the staff and owners are friendly and the food is great. I mean come on, a mixed grill!  Who (apart from vegetarians) doesn’t like one? It’s an assortment of meat on a plate instead of just one. Add in that in our room, the bath is huge and I know this because I could fit in a big hot bath after a long day.

I spent yesterday with my Mum & Dad, whom I haven’t seen for a long time (since Christmas) and my dad has been very ill recently.  We nearly lost him earlier in the year, which really put things into perspective for me. I don’t tell my parents I love them, but I’m sure they know I do. I did text my dad to explain how I feel before he had life-threatening/saving surgery. I can’t tell people these things, I find it really hard. But this really taught me a lesson, which is please, please tell that family member how you feel. I thought I had  left it too late and it eat away at me. I’m going to spend today with my younger daughter – maybe gossip, shopping and a meal, while Mrs Bob is working.  Then we have the long trip back home with my other daughter.

It also made me appreciate my friends more.. I really owe my best mate a drink when I see her next. She has been a true friend and given me help and advice – even if I’ve not taken it, it’s still appreciated. As I’ve not seen her for nearly a week, I have noticed how much I miss her.

It should be a nice day with my grown up daughter and a catch up with old friends in my home town, so happy days.

Stay Safe X

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