Winter is Coming…


We had a mammoth (4.5hrs instead of 3) trip back home yesterday evening and all the stress of a long drive and the monotony of motorway driving. This is something I hate for a number of reasons. One – I dislike motorway driving; it’s monotonous and tedious.. Two – I find that the noise from my car on the motorway and the other traffic noises and various other noise can be a little stressful.  This is why on long journeys I tend to have the radio on quietly or an audiobook playing.

So last night we arrived back home later than expected and we were all tired except my daughter, who works a night shift and is used to it (plus I’m sure she was sleeping in the back of the car!). So I outsourced the evening meal (Chinese take out) as I haven’t had a Chinese in a month or so and cracked open a bottle of vanilla vodka. I don’t normally drink at all.  In fact, anyone that knows me will tell you I drink once in a blue moon. This mainly stems from my  biological father, who was a very heavy drinker.  The less said about him, the better.  I call my stepfather “Dad”.

So now I have my comfy clothes on and I’m very well fed and relaxed and having a great conversation with my bestie.  I don’t trust many people – I have possibly 3 friends down here: my club’s VP, who I can have a laugh with as he is only 23 and knows I’m an Aspie but I don’t confide in him. Then there’s a guy who I know who has a family member with certain ASD traits.  He is a lot older than me but knows my secret and helps me out a lot. Then there’s my bestie, who knows a lot about me – more than I have let anyone know before.

Then I saw that Bridget Jones’ Diary was on the TV, so it was time to settle down with Mrs Bob and some great television. I don’t know why, but Renee Zelwegger as Bridget Jones is very, very attractive. This was a perfect way to end a very  busy day. Today I have spent time with my daughter –  shopping and relaxing. Then as the weather has been very wet and cold we have sat and watched Netflix, Amazon etc and just had a nice day at home. The day almost has a nice autumnal feeling to it as if winter is coming….

Stay Safe X

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