Gone Sailing.



Salcombe, Devon, England


Yesterday we decided as a group that we would make the short (35 mile) trip down to one of mine and my wife’s favourite places (out of season) – Salcombe. For those of you who don’t know it, Salcombe is a popular resort town in the South Hams district of Devon. The town is close to the mouth of the Kingsbridge Estuary, built mostly on the steep west side of the estuary. It’s also well known that 85% of the houses there are second homes. In season it is full of tourists and the like, and is not a pleasant place to be.

We decided to take my daughter on the very popular (we do it once a year) Kirby estuary cruise, as it’s a nice little hour-long trip on the river. The downside to this amazing plan was that she has never been on a boat in her life before, but is scared of boats.  We said that this would be fine as its nice and calm and doesn’t go out to sea. I have the same fear, but I’m ok on this boat as it’s not a trip out to sea. We did the trip and she was ok – there was the inevitable “I’m never doing it again” but as we told her, at least she has tried it.

We grabbed some chips (it’s the law on holiday) and sat by the water and had a laugh while I told some bad Dad jokes. These like normal jokes, but when told by a parent they become boring and/or unfunny. She criticised my love of Werther’s Originals (which she calls old man candy) and reminded me that I’m old. I proceeded to remind her that she wasn’t young anymore either. You know the general kind of father/daughter conversation, or at least that what I think. I’ve never really been able to bond with my children as well as other parents, I guess. I try my hardest and we kind of rock along nicely.

I decided that later that night we would go to my local pub, as I was going to meet my bestie from work but she was really shattered. She has been pushing herself way too hard work-wise and barely gets any time off at all. So my daughter and I took a trip to my local for a beer on our own and we had a few drinks in the warm evening air and then out of nowhere it happened…..

My daughter started to talk to me about her life. Work, Uni, even boyfriends, etc. This was a mammoth event for me, as she has always been very quiet about her life and never says anything about who she is seeing or dating. I was so proud to be able to just listen and finally be let in. We had a really long talk and then walked (and talked) home. It was also nice to see her without having her blessed phone glued to her hand. I feel we have achieved something with this visit.  I’m really happy

Stay Safe X


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