So Little Time.

Tuesday was a very busy day as far as days off go. I had lots of places to be and not much time to do it, First off a 10 mile trip to see my favourite tattoo artist (yes it’s an art). They are very talented and really friendly. My usual artist has a love of Kevin Smith, which means a great chat and some amazing ink. The design is something that I started last year as a tribute to my wife. It’s a nerdy type design that means something to Mrs Bob and myself and no one else. Then I had to wait for Mrs Bob to finish with a client before moving onto the next thing on the list. Next stop back home so I could walk down to my local comic book store. They are having a special event on soon and I wanted to buy a ticket before they sell out, also I love supporting my local comic book store for a number of reasons. They are a small local store and I prefer to fund mom and pop business over large corporations. The staff are very friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about what they sell. Alongside the fact they know I’m an Aspie and make allowances for it.

Back home to try and do some promotional type work on the old (not so) social media for the book and my blog. This is something I try to deal with myself rather than outsourcing it. This is because I’m passionate about what I do and my ideas, and to be honest I don’t trust anyone with my baby. Then I had to get in a new graphic designer, I’m looking for a logo for my writing side of things so as to be taken seriously a Poet/Blogger. What with the upcoming release of my book, “Behind the Mask” and then the work will begin on my second, as yet untitled book, which will be based on my blogging. I am finding this path to be a very exciting and interesting journey into what life with Aspergers can be like in our modern and hectic world.

Stay Safe X

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