The Doctor Will See You Now.

What can I say about today…? It began with a very unusual lie-in until 09.15, which is very unusual for me. I’m usually awake and out of bed by around 07.30-08.30, much to the annoyance of Mrs Bob, and making us a coffee. It’s kinda my routine:  get up make us both a coffee, chat and then make myself some breakfast. This had a knock on effect, as it meant that I felt like I was playing catch up.  On top of this, I’ve not been feeling 100% physically.

First stop on my fun-packed day off was a trip to the dentist. I, like most people (I’m guessing) hate going to the dentist. For me it’s a lot of things – going to somewhere I don’t like being, having to sit in a waiting room with all the other people as they try to make eye contact and small talk, And they think you’re rude when you can’t converse with them. I don’t like all the strange smells and sounds – the whole place smells very clean and disinfected, which I normally wouldn’t mind, but this is over the top clean-smelling. The sounds are something else too, Lights, air conditioning, water coolers, etc, but then there is the sound of the dental tools which makes me very nervous. That’s before I have even seen the dentist himself  with his latex gloves, the prodding, scraping and polishing and all the while expecting small talk. You can see why I don’t like it.

Then home for a quick bite to eat and pick my cat up. I’ve had her for so long she is part of the family.  I got her from an animal shelter as no one wanted her as she had a weird looking eye and is black and no one wants black cats for some reason. I’m not sure if is superstition or a colour thing. She is nearly 15 years old has only one eye and is very clingy. I have to take her to see the vet every 6 months just to make sure she is doing ok. This was not too bad, as the waiting room was empty and free of dogs… did I mention I have a phobia of dogs?  The cat got the all clear and has been given some blood pressure tablets. We are still worried about her though.

So after all that, I’ve managed to get a little relaxation time, cleaning my car, a lovely meal with Mrs Bob, some online gaming and finished off with a nice hot bath and a podcast.

Stay Safe X

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