Sneak Peak 2

I was clearing out my office today and happened upon my old Book of Shadows. (A Book of Shadows is a book containing texts and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca.) While flicking through the book, I discovered a piece of work from 2009 that I had written but had all but forgotten. I have sent it to Mrs Bob to proofread.

So I’m sat in a coffee shop with a latte, Ipad and a book, typing it up. I look like a pretentious, hipster – a wannabe writer. So I had an idea – why not give my readers a sneak peak at my process? So here is the unedited piece and then when I release my book in about two weeks,  you can see the final polished edited piece.

So here is my reworking of the original text (see picture)


Goodbye Old Friend

I have loved you from the day we found you
You have been a good friend for many years *
Now is the time for us part ways and say goodbye
It’s not a farewell, It’s a till we meet again
I could never let you suffer or bear to see you in pain
Your body no longer holds you back now you’re free
Run to the bridge and play with the others,

I’m sure I will see you out of the corner of my eye
A ghostly shadow in the darkened room
That other worldly noise from the empty space
You live forever in my memories and that special place in my heart
Because I loved you so dearly I had to finally set you free *
Before I do please let me hold you one last time
To say thank you and goodnight old friend.

Dedicated to all our furry friends that have gone before.


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