Nearly There

Things are coming along nicely now with my book’s revised edition. I have almost got everything in place to send to the publishers. The cover design is looking great it’s going to have a picture of me (yes, yes it’s a bit egocentric) but drawn in the style of Family Guy. The back is a logo my graphic designer came up with.

As you can see, the graphic designer came up with a beautiful set of logos and I’m so happy with them. Also, I’m looking at producing a hardback version of the book as well, because this will be the final (ultimate) edition. I may keep writing my scribbles but will possibly only share them on my blog or on the Scriggler website. This is because I’m now going to focus on my Blog (and eventually maybe publish my ramblings as a second book) and maybe create a podcast. I’ve set up a podcast account with pod bean but not taken it any further,  I’m looking for names for my podcast at the moment please feel free to suggest some,

Stay Safe X


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