Table for Two.

img_5675Well it’s been a strange couple of days for me. An emotional roller coaster that has left me drained. After the devastation of Friday (see My Friend Amica) that saw me lose my best feline friend.

I had managed to keep myself together and deal with these pesky things you NTs call emotions. The downside to this situation is that my wife, Mrs Bob, who is an NT, has really been emotional about the loss of Ami, unfortunately I find that I cannot deal with emotional people. Even when it’s my wife, I’m not really able to empathise with them and find myself getting angry as a result.

Anyway,  yesterday I woke with the beginnings of a migraine, but had to be at work in the afternoon. That was not meant to be, it would seem, as about an hour before work I felt queasy and was sick. This followed by a headache that lasted all night and left me bed-ridden. I think that the reason I have a migraine is due to the emotional stress of the last few days.

Sunday I awoke after a very good night’s sleep, this is something that I haven’t had for a while, due to a number of reasons. Mrs Bob decided that she wanted to go out today as we hadn’t left the house since we took Ami to the vets. She had decided that a trip over the border to Cornwall was on the cards.

We arrived at Lusty Glaze and it was a really warm day and kept threatening to rain. We spent a while walking down the never ending staircase down the cliff. This expedition rewarded us with a beautiful secluded beach surrounded by cliffs. Even though it was enclosed by cliffs the sun shone down and we had a lovely carefree time. We even managed a few laughs and smiles.

While we were the Mrs Bob suggested that we grab a bite to eat. We sat looking out to sea and had a meal, while discussing our good friend Ami and celebrating her life and habits. This was a nice way to end the weekend and a beautiful way to remember and reflect over the last few days.

Stay Safe X

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