Player One Ready?

I’m so freaking unbelievably happy today due to the stars aligning yesterday,  I was expecting an important package to be delivered on Monday and it turned out that it was going to be arriving between 1440-1540hrs.  This was going to pose a problem for me, as both me and Mrs Bob would be out at work. So it looked like I would have to miss out maybe? This was not the case because as I tracked my package it was running very late and then my phone app came to life to let me know my wife had left her client and so the (virtual) race was on….. Fortunately for me, Mrs Bob made it back home with plenty of time to spare and she signed for it.

Work was very quiet and I was so very, very excited that my new toy had arrived and I had lots of free time the next day to set it up and get it all running properly. I was home by 20.30 and I saw the box in my front room but had to leave it alone. This was the hardest thing ever, as I had a new toy but couldn’t open it. Kind of like a Christmas present scenario!  So I had my tea and spent some time upstairs relaxing with some TV and my wife, doing the whole “how was your day?” conversation.

This morning was like Christmas Day.  I was woken up by my wife at ridiculous o’clock, so I carried out the morning routine:  coffees in bed etc, and then it began… I removed my old games console (did I say my package was a new games console?) disconnecting a plethora of wires and cables. Then, cleaning and polishing the area before the real fun began, I was so excited but I had to do this properly and read instructions rather than rush ahead. Then came the excitement of finally turning it on and the inevitable set up.

This was where I struggle with things to be honest. I’ve spent 4 years with a games console and got it set it up the way I wanted with all my TVs streaming services in a place I could find them all. I play one game online and that’s it. The new system was different and everything was in strange and unusual places and not where I remembered them. This caused a lot of panic and frustration. Once I had got the system configured and I fought my way through this. I fired up a new version of my favourite game. Suddenly the graphics and gameplay etc were fantastic and really immersed me in a new but familiar world. This more than enough to make me forget the fact I couldn’t completely get to grips with my new console. Well I’m off to my favourite fictional place – Los Santos – to relax in my familiar world.

Stay Safe X



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