See Me After Class

Yesterday was a very busy day for me as Wednesdays usually are.  You see, I’m up first thing to go to an English class in the morning. I know – with such eloquent grammatical stylings, why do I need to go? This last term was ok as we had a small class and I had just about got used to the people there which is a big deal for me. Then this semester the class has grown exponentially and only two people from the old class remain. The rest of the class is made up of a strange mix of old and young who all for whatever reason didn’t get the grade in English they wanted or needed. I’m really struggling with them so far but keep going back as I want to be able to write welk and use grammar correctly for my written work.

If I could achieve this goal, then my long suffering wife, Mrs Bob, would not have to rewrite my business emails and my website posts for me. She does all this, in some cases totally rewriting an entire article. Alongside which, she has completely proofed and retyped my book to make it look professional without complaining once . (NB Mrs Bob does not proofread this blog at all) she has been a tremendous rock of support with all my projects and crazy hair-brained schemes and I’d like to let her have some time off.

I digress a little.  After class, it’s back home, grab some lunch and then off to work. I finished early from work and walked home looking forward to a nice home cooked meal and some quality time with my wife. I really don’t see her on Wednesdays, what with school and work, so I take any bit of time with her when I can on days like this.

Mrs Bob had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I arrived home. Not only was there a fantastic home cooked meal (brains, looks and culinary skills – she has it all), but there was a small brown package addressed to me on the dining room table. When I opened it my heart melted completely. This was the very first proof copy of my book, hardback and all professional-looking. My wife had with all her hard work made my silly dream become a physical tangible reality.

If you want you can check it out yourself with the link below.

Behind the Mask

Stay Safe X

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