Nothing Doing

Today has been a day where nothing was really done but a great deal has been achieved on what is my day off. This is surprising as I was up till very late last night due to eating late after work and then trying to relax with some TV. Then I was awoken at just before 0600 hrs and really struggled to return to sleep. After the usual hour of lying in bed I decided to get up and leave Mrs Bob to sleep for a little while longer. After all it was going to be an emotional day today for both of us, well my wife more than me (for obvious reasons) as we had to pick up the ashes of our dear departed furry friend, Amica.

This was a trip Mrs Bob was reluctant to make on her own yesterday while I was busy at work. I said we would both make the trip as it was me that brought her down to Devon, and I was the one who took her on her final journey. We both went to the vets and I must say that the mood was very quiet and sombre almost as if it was a funeral. The vets were very helpful and kind as Mrs Bob was not dealing with the whole event very well. We collected her ashes and brought her back to her forever home to be with her brother.

When we arrived home we were greeted by a very tiny little black cat that has made itself at home in our house. He has been around while I’m at work and this has, I feel, somewhat helped Mrs Bob with the pain of losing Ami. He literally came bounding up the steps and let himself in, I had a cuddle and played fetch with him for a while and he had some chicken and rice NOM NOM NOM. Then after half an hour or so he walked to the front door to be let out. I was actually really glad of his little visit it took my mind off things and helped me relax.

After that I cleared the garden ready for winter as it’s starting to feel a little autumnal even in the afternoon, and then spent the day relaxing in the back room on my games console, streaming TV, movies and playing games. Then a relaxing hot bath with a good podcast and candles. All in all, we didn’t do very much, but it feels like we achieved so much.

Stay Safe X


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