Where’s my Weekend?

It’s been a very hectic weekend, so much for the season slowing down!  It began on Friday which was my day off, I had a relaxing start to the day with the usual coffee in bed on a slow, relaxing autumnal morning. Later on in the day, I had a drive out to Newton Abbot for an appointment with my tattoo artist for some more ink. I’m adding to a piece that I had done last year that was a special piece for Mrs Bob.  This was a nice relaxing couple of hours with some small talk about Kevin Smith movies. Then I had to drive all the way back home to Ashburton just in time for an event at my local comic book store. This was a meet and greet with a famous artist and illustrator on his home leg of a new book signing tour. He’s from a town just near us and is friends with the staff at the store, I have met him before on a few occasions and he’s a bit of an idol in my eyes. The strange thing is when I went to get his new book signed he recognised me and spoke to me like I was an old acquaintance.  He even remembered the last few times we had met as well. This made my day and I’m now the proud owner of a copy of his book with a personalised drawing.

Sunday was an early start as I had to go to my sports club for our first session at the winter venue, before work. This was nice as I’ve not been able to make it of late due to work commitments etc. This was a nice start to the day seeing a lot of familiar faces and some not so familiar. The thing I found strange was the absence of our VP (Vice President) who has gone onto further education and as such is only here for the holidays. He’s a great guy I’ve mentioned before that knows I’m Aspergers and really is cool about things. That was a change that made me feel somewhat sad, as I had not really said a proper farewell to him. I’m sure he will understand and I shall see him in December when he returns and we can grab a beer and catch up, until then it’s business as usual and back to the routine.

Stay Safe

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