The Critic’s Review

As most of you maybe aware I have been taking English lessons so as a dyslexic aspie I can improve my writing skills, it’s not really working that well but that’s another story. A couple of weeks ago, I made a huge decision – well I thought it was – and let my English lecturer read a proof copy of my book, Behind the Mask.

She returned the copy with the following review.

“Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read your work.

I was blown away by the power you have managed to contain within each piece.

When I came across a poem that I felt was my favourite, I wrote it down, but I ended up with quite a long list, and felt this no longer constituted the term “favourite”!

Within your work there is a progression that demonstrates a development of maturity and a honing of your skills.

The themes of darkness and light, monster and clown, to hide or to be hidden, and the overriding power of love shines through the work.

I hope you are proud of your achievement, I know I would be if it were mine.”

I actually couldn’t read the review myself at first, choosing to get Mrs Bob to read it. I may say that I’m not bothered by what people think of my scribbles (or poetry  as some call it) but when you have spent 10 years trying to get to this point, It’s nice to know that someone thinks you’ve done ok.

Stay Safe X


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