All Growed Up

I’ve had a very nice and relaxing few days off, Friday was a quiet day with very little needing to be done I spent the day with Mrs Bob doing some some errands, followed by a relaxing afternoon with some gaming and television. Starting with Netflix so we can try to watch some more season one of the brilliant Marvel TV series Luke Cage, this was followed up by HBO’s brand new show Westworld which is a television series reboot based on the movie. This was followed by a great session of online gaming as the president of ‘The Geeks’ MC (motorcycle club)  in my favourite fictional state Los Santos. Then it was time for my favourite way to end the day with a nice hot bubble bath, UV lighting, some candles and a nerdy podcast.

Saturday was spent doing very growed up stuff with Mrs Bob – this included things like wandering round the Saturday market looking at some locally made cheeses and other produce including a great stall that made and sold various gluten free products including a sticky bun that was to die for. We then went to a holistic wellbeing event which I must admit is not really my thing but Mrs Bob went to the last one and saw a very good medium, who despite our scientific and logic based scepticism had done a very good job and knew some very personal and private things. I had decided that I wanted to see the same person should the opportunity arise just out of a curiosity to see what she would have to say. Well let’s just say that what was said there was a lot that she couldn’t know and it left me feeling very relaxed, by this point it was time for a coffee in one of our great local coffee shops, this was a slightly bad idea as it was very very busy so Mrs Bob and I couldn’t really discuss the mornings events too well as I couldn’t hear myself scream due to the conversations etc going on in the small shop.

I’m now spending an evening with some great home cooked food and interesting conversation with Mrs Bob before we get an early night as we have a convention in the morning but that my friends is another story.

Stay Safe X


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