Great Expectations.

Sunday was a bit of an anticlimax if I’m completely honest with myself, Mrs Bob and I had got VIP tickets for a convention on the Sunday it was the last one of the year and to be honest I was really excited about going as I always am with most of these events, this is mainly because it covers my Aspergers narrow field of focus.

Mrs Bob on the other hand really just puts up with going as it’s not really her thing at all, she is not into it as I am but as an Aspie I need her to be with me to help me deal with the crowds, noise etc also to guide me through the social minefield that is called small talk, something that is so easy for most people but for someone like me it’s a nightmare, and not something I really understand that well and I appreciate all her help.

We arrived later than we expected to and even though the doors had been open for over an hour, it didn’t seem very busy at all, and i will be honest it was not what I was expecting, the event was a lot quieter than their last one, even by this late stage of the day there was no que or show vehicles outside, this one seemed more like an indoor market with a few famous guests signing pictures.

On the upside I did get some great pictures and to meet some really wonderful people, chat to some incredibly talented artists, looked around and picked up some great collectibles and art works, we also saw some brilliantly and creative cosplayers who’s talents and time spent working on them were evident in the final products.

Stay Safe X



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