Stranger Things

Some very strange things have been happening in the Christian household over the last few weeks. I say strange but maybe I should narrow it down a little further as there are lots of strange things that occur in this house usually as a result of the resident Aspie and some hair-brained scheme.

This time I’m strangely not responsible for the weird goings on within the house it’s down to Mrs Bob and a strange new furry little feline friend. It all began a short while after we lost our cat, both Mrs Bob and I were coming to terms with our loss when suddenly one day we had a furry little visitor come crashing into our house and equally our lives.

Our newly found friend is a tiny little black kitten that has not only runs into our house and cars (if the door is open) but also into our hearts, he has been a huge help in coping with the loss of our cat and helping to reduce the stockpile of cat chow we currently possess. He is a really entertaining creature we call dog because of his habit of playing fetch with a ball. He comes in when anyone opens the front door and we have set the cat flap to out only meaning he can go when he wants to.

The real issue is that now we have a little cat that is almost becoming a long term house guest,surprisingly  and equally strangely no one has noticed their tiny kitten (4 months)  old is never home, although they leave him out until nearly 10pm so I don’t mind him using the house to stay warm and comfy. It also helps Mrs Bob and keeps her company while I’m at work, so I guess it’s not a bad thing and everyone benifits from the situation.

Stay Safe X

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