48 Little Hours

This weekend really has been a very tough and mixed bag of emotions for me. Let’s start at the very beginning shall we.

I had a day off on Friday and it was a really nice relaxing day off with my two favourite people in the world Mrs Bob and Dog (the cat) I love my days off at the moment, as it gives me a bit of time to relax and slow down so with that it mind I decided to drag Mrs Bob round to my local comic book store as they had a comic set aside for me apparently. When we arrived, my friend (yes I have friends) was working, so after the usual pleasantries, he began the hunt for what would turn out to be a non-existent item. This would be to my advantage, as my friend’s boss offered me a consolation for my time. It was a limited edition book plate from a signing event they’d had the other week that I had the pleasure of attending, featuring one of my all time favourite local artists/illustrators –  the world-renowned Jock. After all that nerding out, I decided that the wife deserved a coffee and some breakfast to make up for being dragged to a comic book store. We found a new diner and decided that this was as a good a spot for some breakfast as any. This as, it turned out, was not the best idea as the all-day breakfast was not really up to much and was quite overpriced but we learn from our mistakes I guess.  The establishment has now been added to the list of places we shall unfortunately for them be not be frequenting again. Upon our return home, we had a lovely time relaxing in front of the television catching up on some Netflix shows with cuddles from Dog (the cat) thrown in for good measure. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Stay Safe X


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