Trip Adviser

It was a very busy night last night at work, and when I finally arrived home there was someone waiting outside the house, a really tiny little grey female kitten (half the size of Dog) I would hazard a guess and say maybe two or three months old. I found this somewhat worrying as it was gone half past ten at night and a kitten this small shouldn’t be out this late especially without a collar or any ID. The moment I went and opened the front door this little creature sprinted past me and into my house, it was during this commotion that Mrs Bob explained that while I was at work Dog had apparently returned home (well his second home) with the little scrawny grey kitten,who once the front door was opened had sprinted into the house and started to devour all of Dog’s food.

It would appear that my house is becoming something of a place to be within our little village for the local cats do they have some kind of feline version of trip advisor? Well we put the little one back out after feeding her as Dog was getting a bit rough with her and she went on her merry way. After eating we decided to retire upstairs and watch some recorded TV, Red Dwarf, Horizon Grand Designs etc only to be joined at half eleven by Dog who slept in between us until about eight am when he was awake and wanting some breakfast.

He spent the day with us until around eight pm then went outside. The little grey kitten did return briefly for a few cat biscuits on the porch before disappearing into the night. All in all it has been eventful few days and I think that I can safely say “I told you so” to Mrs Bob over this whole cat-astrophe and I think we may have a new cat also, but as I know with all of my feline house mates, they choose you not the other way round. So stay tuned for more adventures of Dog the cat and Bob the Aspie.

Stay Safe X

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