Mystery Solved

What a chaotic weekend it’s been at the Christian house.  It began late on Friday evening after what had been a very relaxing day off work. Dog had been in and out of the house all day as per usual and as the evening began to draw to a close there was a strange but all-too-familiar noise coming from the front porch. Dog’s little grey friend (see Trip Advisor) was crying outside and looked very hungry and somewhat cold (I’m aware that she has a fur coat, but still…) As it was nearly midnight, we took her inside and gave her some food, which didn’t even touch the sides. As a result, Mrs Bob who was by now very concerned at a small kitten being out at this time of night with no collar, had spoken to a local cat shelter about her and Dog. The shelter said they would get one of their staff to ring us Saturday morning with a view to visiting the house and seeing if Dog or his little grey friend were chipped (this would explain who owned them and where they lived). They also said that we needed to keep the pair of them safely inside at our house overnight and so the fun began….. We had to bring in the litter tray and place it in the downstairs toilet, shut them in one half of the house and wait for the shelter to call in the morning. This was the beginning of a sleepless night spent listening to the two cats racing around the house and fighting playfully until the small hours.  Then the pair of them decided that they wanted to curl up on our bed and try to sleep and occasionally play-fight.

In the morning, while we had been waiting for the shelter to call, Mrs Bob called round the local veterinary centres etc to enquire if anyone was missing a pair of adorable little kittens. It was getting on a bit by now (11.00am) and we were still waiting on the shelter to even call and arrange to come over and check the pair over, so we made a decision to ring our vets and have them scan them both for a chip. This would solve the mystery of who (if anyone) was responsible for them and where in the village they called home. We made the call and I helped Mrs Bob to put them in the car to take them down. As I waved them off and started talking to the builder working on the property next to ours, the lady from across the road pulled up and approached me and asked if I had seen her kittens. A black and a grey one? Yes she said. I explained that my wife was at the vets with them and that I  would ring her to return them. It turns out that she had been working away from home for a month and her lodger was supposed to be looking after them while she was away. I told her about how we came to be at this point in the cosmos, including how he even managed to get into the back of my car! She was very apologetic and then unraveled the mystery even more by letting me in on the universes ultimate secret, Dog’s real name is…….. Jamie and his friend the grey kitten is called Blue.

She has said they are welcome round ours if they want, provided we don’t mind, which of course we don’t – so it looks like there will be many more posts about Jamie’s (ridiculous name)…  sorry, scratch that, Dog’s crazy antics as a part of the wacky Christian household.

Stay Safe X

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