Wine and Whine

I have had a somewhat mixed weekend. It started with a nice, very relaxing day off with Mrs Bob and I decided to take her out to one of my favourite places in the village for some breakfast; this was my way of spending some quality time with my long-suffering wife (as the wife of an Aspie she puts up with a lot) with the added bonus that I love their omelettes and they do a mean cinnamon latte. We sat, ate and chatted about the most inane and mundane things, but when you’re with the person you love, they could take the longest book in the known universe, replace every word with ‘salmon’ and read it in a dulcet monotone voice and it would still be an interesting and loving conversation.

We then carried the conversation on as we walked back through the village to our home, enjoying the changing weather as it is becoming more autumnal with every day that passes. When we got home our house guest, Dog, was waiting for us asleep on Mrs Bob’s chair. This made it a perfect time to catch up on all the shows we watch like, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Lucifer, etc and spend some nice family time together.

Later on, I was meeting my best friend, for a very long overdue catch up. I say long overdue as we last caught up about a month ago and even though we keep in touch via (not so) social media, nothing beats a good old face to face conversation.

I drove over and picked her up from her house and drove into the nearby town to find a nice bar to have a wine and a gossip about work, career, love life etc.

We found that her favourite place was closed for a private party so we decided to chose a suitable substitute and grabbed a couple of chairs at what turned out to be a reserved table – how embarrassing! We found another table, though,and had a great gossip about work, her great new businesses, our love lives – hell pretty much everything and anything except string theory.  We left just in time, it would seem, as a gentleman who was the evening’s entertainment had come in with a Spanish guitar and began to play right behind where we had been sitting.

I dropped my bestie off at hers and began the drive home. As I drove down the country lanes in the dark, I was treated to various fireworks displays from the various farmers, pubs and villages along the way home. I arrived home to be greeted by Mrs Bob and a large Chinese, candle-lit bubble bath and podcast. I then laid on the bed and caught up with some science and nature based television, cuddling up with Mrs Bob and Dog. The perfect end to a lovely day…

Stay Safe X

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