The Routine Paradigm

I’ve had four days off work this week and it’s been equally a blessing and a curse for me – yes, I have had four days to get things done, to really crack on with all those little projects around the house that I’ve been meaning to attend to, or that Mrs Bob has wanted doing. Also, I could get through some of the many movies that I’ve been meaning to watch, the pile of VHS tapes (kids, google it) has really began to grow bigger week by week. Plus there is my other project which needed some attention.  I say project, but when you take your NFF (Narrow Field of Focus) and turn it into something that means you get free stuff, free tickets and meet your nerdy heroes (and they remember you) then it’s more of a passion.

The down side to having four days off work Is that three of those days were days that I would normally be working. This means that for three days my routine has been completely messed about, which as a result has shot my body clock  to hell as well. Like most people on the autism spectrum, I need certain routines during the day, week etc. Every day has a certain routine to it and this holiday means that when I’m supposed to be working I’m sat at home and finding myself confused as to what day it is. Again, this is down to my routines not being there.

This has lead to a number of problems: confusion, stress, boredom, grumpiness, etc, and as a result I have found that I’ve had a bad headache for the past four days. I’m not sure if this is just down to being bunged up with a cold-type virus or if it’s down to the fact that I’ve been a little stressy over the lack of order in my life for the last few days.

This may sound very strange to most of you but I’m actually missing being at work (well my routine). This is something I never thought I’d hear myself say (or type)  because I never really realised how much changes to my daily routines could or would have impacted on my life. It’s only when you stop doing something that you realise you miss it.

Stay Safe X


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