To be, Obituary

On Monday night I was having a really good conversation with someone I consider to be a very good friend – we are able to talk freely about most subjects. My friend knows all about my, shall we say, neuro-diversity and has extensive experience within the subject. Then I mentioned a very poignant and hypothetical set of questions that cover a subject that we all feel uncomfortable with discussing or facing and that’s our own mortality. I felt this was something worth sharing with you.

If you were to pass away tomorrow how would people know you had died? This raised an interesting issue with today’s society and how we communicate with people we love. In the older and sometimes simpler times it could have taken a while before all your family, friends, associates, etc, all received the news of your demise. This was due to the fact that someone would have to ring everyone to let them know you had passed away. Then there was also the advert placed in the local newspaper’s obituaries. This last one is pretry obsolete in today’s modern society, but we still do it –  maybe out of duty or respect, who knows. Now all it  takes is one person to be informed, and for that person to put up a status on social media and every man and his cat knows the news instantly. I’m sorry to sound very old fashioned, but I would prefer the news of my passing to be shared with the dignity and decorum that such news deserves.

Who would attend your funeral? This is a much simpler question to answer, compared to the previous one. I would like to think that it would be made up of a mixture of my remaining family members, my close friends and anyone else who really knew me. My remaining family would probably be Mrs Bob, my siblings, children and maybe a further generation of the Christian family (if I’m lucky). Family, I’m sure, would make the long journey – maybe out of a sense of duty more than than love. Close friends – well, if I’m honest I only have a few of these and I doubt they would travel all the way to Devon for my farewell. If I’m honest, I would be honoured for anyone to make the trip to say goodbye…

Stay Safe X

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