Stage Fright

This week has been a very slow week in the Christian household really with nothing notable happening, although we have had lots of cuddles and visits from our strange furry housemate, Dog. He’s getting bigger (apparently) and almost starting to become like a real cat – also, he is becoming like my very own furry alarm clock which is set for between seven and eight am every day but alas there is no snooze button.

I could have spent the time writing about the stress of getting all the Christmas shopping sorted but thanks to the ever-resourceful Mrs Bob, without whom I don’t honestly know where I would be, all our shopping is already done, wrapped and delivered to Santa.

So while it’s quiet, Mrs Bob and I have decided to take a little mini holiday to the bottom of the UK. Yes, that’s right we are going to Lands End. I have never been and Mrs Bob decided that I needed to pay it a visit, so stay tuned for lots of photos etc from our road trip soon. There is a down side to this great road trip to Cornwall, as it also coincides with a new monthly poetry event. I’m actually quite glad I have an excuse to miss the first one, because as an Aspie I’m very socially awkward and extremely shy.  But as an alleged poet, I’m curious about going to it, as it’s an open mic night so I can just sit and watch, and try to understand what this poetry malarkey is all about. Maybe I could also get some ideas for future pieces.

Stay safe x



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