Edge of the Universe

Today has been a very long and tiring day. It began at 0300hrs with our housemate, Dog, deciding to wake us up by jumping on the sleeping form of Mrs Bob, causing her to wake with a start, and jar her already sore back. This caused her to have a frank discussion with Dog about what is and is not an acceptable time to come in, and how to behave if it happened again. She is very soft on him, though, so I’m not sure he took any notice at all…. In his defence, Dog is only a kitten and as such doesn’t really understand English very well. So with that addressed, we all tried to go back to sleep as we had a long, wet journey ahead of us in the morning.

This morning we did the usual things…  i.e. feeding Dog, making drinks, breakfast etc. With all the regular jobs done, Mrs Bob and I then set about getting ready to depart from our little bit of Devon and make the trip further down south to deepest, darkest Cornwall. This involved checking the roads, as we had just experienced heavy flooding in the south west, and packing which, due to my wife’s amazing organisational skills, was really just a case of taking everything off the spare bed and putting it into the suitcase, then loading it all in my car,

With the car loaded and sat nav primed I locked up the house and Dog decided to come out and wave us off  with a little bit of complaining about the fact he couldn’t find  his toy squirrel.  He didn’t realise we wouldn’t be back til the next day, but came to watch us drive away. Then off we trotted to the end of the world… well…. England!  It was an interesting drive for two and a half hours in partially lashing rain and partially brilliant sunshine. We finally arrived at the hotel in Sennen, checked in, put our bags in the room and started our adventure.

First, a stop just a mile down the road was the (world) famous tourist trap – sorry – attraction … Lands End, the most southerly point in mainland England. After paying a small ransom to park in the very wet and empty car park, we wandered around the ghostly-quiet tourist centre, I only really wanted to see the famous signpost and get a photograph of it. Little did I know that you can’t just take a photo of it – you have to pay £18 for the privilege!  The upside was their tourist walk-through was free and had a replica signpost with no fee,  so I got my picture.

Then it was off towards Penzance where sadly I spotted no pirates but kept going towards the village of Marazion to see another of Cornwall’s tourist attractions – St Michaels Mount. We couldn’t go across to it, as it was too late, but we got some more great photographic memories for the family album. We decided on the way back that we were feeling peckish as we hadn’t eaten all day, and stopped at the local Sainsburys supermarket for a coffee and a quick bite. It may not be a Michelin star restaurant, but when you’re sat on a balcony with a beautiful sea view and the woman you love, what more can you ask for?

Back to the hotel to relax and unwind for a couple of hours before heading down to the dining room for a lovely candlelit evening meal in a very intimate dining room with Mrs Bob. We then retired upstairs with a brandy to crash out on the super kingsize bed and listen to waves crashing against the shore. Did I mention the hotel is literally on the seafront?  There is a small road between us and the beach , where there are rock pools dotted amongst the sand and the waves crash. Jealous?

Stay Safe X

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