One of Us?


Have you ever wondered if you might be on the Autism Spectrum somewhere?

How do you go about finding out more about whether you might be before you make an appointment with your GP? Well, I was diagnosed very late in life after Mrs Bob suggested that I might be on the spectrum. I found these sites very useful in helping me to find out, before I bothered my doctor to try to get a referral to the local autism team. I might add that this took nearly two years from referral to assessment, because the assessment is around 8 hours long, split over 2 days.  5.5 one day, and 2.5 the next – mine had three clinicians for each session!

So my message is… please be patient.

The first is the Autism Quotient test Autism Quotient Test

The second is a social intelligence test Social Intelligence Test

Both of these are extremely good but you have to be totally honest on them to get an accurate reading.

FYI my score on the AQ test is 44,

Stay Safe X

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