Size 12s Anyone?

Well, the last week has been a very interesting one. It began with a wonderful trip with Mrs Bob to Lands End as mentioned in my blog posts “The Edge of the Universe” and “Smelling the Roses”. Then on Thursday, it was back to the grindstone of work for one day.

Friday was a day off and a chance to catch up on my personal reading as opposed to my reading for review purposes. I love reading real paper comics or books. Electronic comics are ok but I love a proper graphic novel. The feel and smell of a real book is something that a kindle can never replace. I have about 500 graphic novels (mainly Batman) and I can always pick one up and start reading it again, unlike movies which I can only really watch once. I also have about four that I haven’t finished yet. So I picked up Batman Eternal vol 3 and just chilled out in front of the fire on my big bean bag – it was total bliss.

Saturday was a very busy day at work –  I don’t mind it being busy because it means that time flies and before I know it, it’s time to clock out and walk home. The downside is that it takes so much out of me both physically and emotionally, and by the time I have finished I’m very glad of the journey back home…  it’s a welcome break from conversations, eye contact, etc. It’s also a chance for me to be me and recharge my batteries.  Then, by the time I get home and sit down for my evening meal. I’m feeling able to hold some kind of conversation with Mrs Bob.

Sunday is my lie-in morning where I get to have a coffee and my favourite Sunday breakfast, (crumpets and cheese before you ask) in bed before I go to my local archery club for my weekly session. I’m not brilliant at it, but I love to shoot and find it very relaxing and therapeutic. That, as boring and humdrum as it sounds, is a week in my shoes. You may learn a little more about me by walking in them.

Stay Safe X

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