Family Time

Mrs Bob and I have had a really nice chilled-out time off. It began on Tuesday with one of those rare treats – a lie in, (Dog did try to wake us earlier to no avail) before beginning the daily ritual of making coffee, feeding dog etc. Then I decided to get some work done on another project I’m involved with of a more nerdy nature. Before we realised it, it was time to leave and go to the cinema, as the wife and I have been wanting to catch this film for quite a while now – and if your wife genuinely wants to watch a comic book film without having to be dragged kicking and screaming, then it’s a bonus.

We went to see the new Marvel film, Dr Strange. At this point, I could bore you with a review of how amazingly awesome this movie was but I’m sure if you’re interested enough you will go to see it yourself. This trip out was, in itself, a rarity. Neither Mrs Bob nor I venture out very often, as we are not great people persons – much less to the cinema, where there are loads of people and lots of noise and various other stimuli that can be painful to an Aspie. We have found, though, that if you go to the cinema on a school day at around 1100am, it’s usually very empty and stress free (with the exception of the very loud Dolby B advert that really does hurts my ears).

We returned home to find our housemate, Dog (the cat), already chilled out in the front room. I’m sure that he would have put the television on if he could find the remote, (and yes I’m aware of how silly that sounds as he doesn’t have the opposable thumbs required to use it). So we all settled down for a nice relaxing afternoon of doing very little while staying nice and warm and watching the very damp-feathered soap opera outside on the bird feeder attached to the window (Dog was interested for different reasons) and maybe a little Netflix also.

Later on, Dog decided that, as it had stopped raining, he wanted to go outside and play with the leaves. He loves chasing leaves about and ‘killing’ them. Who am I to comment on what constitutes fun? I’m sure Dog finds playing on the Xbox boring, or he could just be sulking because I thrashed him on Call of Duty 37 the other day, (joking – opposable thumbs) Mrs Bob retired upstairs to catch up on her television and I decided to use my time very wisely (playing Star Wars Battlefront) before heading up myself to get into my Lazarus Pit (DC Comics – read ‘bath’) and wash away the day while listening to a nerdy podcast.

When I finished bathing and relaxing I wandered into the bedroom to be greeted by the wife and, surprise surprise, Dog! I hadn’t heard him come in as he normally announces his arrival but I guess it hard to do that when someone’s arguing with a podcast over who’s the best Batman or which Star Wars character sucks the most. Clearly, the answers to these are:- jointly Adam West & Ben Affleck, and  Jar Jar Binks (though Mrs Bob would strongly disagree with the last one – she loves Jar Jar…lol) So we made room on the bed for Dog and settled down with some television and family (we’ve adopted him as family even though he’s not actually ours) snuggles for the evening.

Stay Safe X