Emotional Battery

Yesterday was a very challenging day. It began with a nice relaxing morning catching up on some comics I have to review and television that I had recorded, which I love but Mrs Bob doesn’t like. The reason I was able to do this was because my good lady was out with an old friend at some Christmas market type thing. I personally don’t like going to these event as they’re not my thing for starters and they usually don’t serve good coffee (yes I’m a snob) plus I find them a bit too peopley for my liking. She enjoys them though, so I will occasionally, if pushed, attend these weird events, and go in search of decent java.

So, a nice relaxing morning of comic books, motorcycle gangs and zombies – just what the doctor ordered. Then it was time to head to work. It was a long day.

It’s one of the downsides of my Aspergers, that it takes so much energy to appear almost NT like.  It’s hard to maintain the many conversations and/or interactions with guests and staff, even for someone like me, who most people can’t tell is autistic.  After a busy day, I need some time alone to get my head back to where it should be for my next adventure.

Stay Safe X

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