The Social Experiment

Today has been the start of a well-earned break from work. I’m off for a week as I have holiday time to use up and it’s Mrs Bob and my third wedding anniversary. We have decided to go away for a few days to relax before Christmas begins. So, today (Friday), I met up with a friend of mine, who I know through work, to go and catch this year’s biggest and most eagerly awaited blockbuster – Sully…. who am I kidding? Obviously I mean Star Wars Rogue One, as we’re massive geeks.

I don’t normally go out with people except Mrs Bob anywhere as I’m very uncomfortable doing so, let alone to the cinema. It’s an Aspie’s worst nightmare – lots of people judging you, so many unexpected loud noises and the biggest problem is having to sit still for over an hour (those who know me can attest to how difficult that would be). Anyway, I picked up my friend in the car and chatted excitedly on the twenty minute drive about what we were expecting from this film in terms of storylines, character building plots, new characters and old favourites. The big one being Darth Vader himself as it is set before episode four: A New Hope. If at this point you’re not sure who Darth Vader is, or what A New Hope is, then please walk away from this blog with your head hung in shame! When we got to the cinema we were early so we found a quser part of the cinema complex and had a gossip about life and everything (as my friend used to work with me and now works as a waiter for a tv-chef-owned restaurant).  Before we knew it, the anticipation was almost over and it was time to take our seats to see the film we had been waiting 12 months to see…….

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!

The film was everything we expected and more. We were throughly entertained by drama, spaceship and huge land battles, new characters, old favourites, it even had a droid called K-2SO, who was shall we say mildly autistic in his brutal honesty about things. We left the cinema very happy and chatting excitedly like schoolkids on the first day of the six week holidays about all the good bits in the film and more importantly what happens next!  I have decided that I actually really enjoyed going out catching a film and socialising with someone I’m happy to call my friend. So hopefully here’s to many more cinema trips and social events

Stay Safe X

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