Festive Cripple

What a couple of days I’ve had!  After a wonderful few days off, I was struck down with a really sudden bad back. It happened when Mrs Bob and I returned home from our trip to Cornwall.

We arrived home to see Dog waiting on the doorstep with a very unhappy look on his face as we had dared to leave him on his own for a few days. I went to get out of Mrs Bob’s car and my back just gave out on me. It took the wife to help me get my crippled ass out the car and upstairs so I could crash out on the bed and try to get comfortable. This was, as anyone who has experienced back spasms and sciatica, or any other serious back pain will attest, is not the easiest thing in the world. While the rest of my friends have been getting ready for the holiday season and partying and making merry, I have spent the last three days flat on my back – and not in a good way. So I’m trying to make the most of being literally bed-ridden by watching documentaries, movies and catching up on my rather large reading list. The doctor has prescribed a very nice combination of drugs, which are keeping the pain pretty much manageable but the downside is that I’m very sleepy a lot of the time.

But hey it’s Christmas, I’m on holiday, the TV is good (ish) and it gives me time to reflect on this year.  It’s had some amazing highs, like finally getting my book finished and for sale on Amazon, and some crippling lows which I really don’t wish to relive but I’m sure that if you follow my blog, you will know.

Above all, the one thing that I have found most surprising this year is the fact that in the last six months this little idea for a blog has been viewed over half a million times. I can’t say how touched and flattered I am by this, so thanks to you all and where ever you are, and whatever you’re doing,  I hope you’re having a very Happy Holiday.

Stay Safe x

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