Back to the Studio

It’s been a very quiet week in the Bob household with nothing particularly noteworthy happening. On Tuesday, though, I decided to take a trip out to a nearby village to visit a tattoo studio that my freindeer has recommended countless times. I’ve been thinking of having an old tattoo covered over with a new, personal to me piece of art. I called into the studio and was expecting the usual “It’s going to take two hours and we can’t book you in for about a month”, standard line for most studios. Imagine my surprise when the artist (yes they are artists) said it would take an hour max and even better he had a cancellation this Friday (today), first thing. I couldn’t say no, so  I paid my deposit, gave the man his hand back and left with Mrs Bob.  We drove back home via the supermarket for some bits ‘n’ pieces and some goodies.

The rest of my day off was spent sending emails, tweets, etc, and generally looking after my nerdy web empire (lol). Before I knew it, l I was back in the chair getting some more ink. I was up bright and early Friday morning and raring to go – unlike Mrs Bob who, unfortunately for her, had to come with me as I’m not very good on my own in strange places. I had a great time chatting to the artist about comic books, TV series and movies while he worked his magic. The only thing that hurt was not from having the tattoo done, as I find it very relaxing, but the noise of the tattoo gun. It was right next to my ear and at points it was really painful. The time flew by, though, and it was soon time to stand up, look in the mirror, have my arm wrapped up and go downstairs to meet Mrs Bob and pay for the work.

Imagine my surprise when I got downstairs to find that Mrs Bob had booked herself in for her her first tattoo ever! In a couple of weeks. So I’m going to be going back with her for moral support.

Stay Safe X


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