Well, after the absolute chaos that was my Saturday, Sunday was much easier on my mind and body,

As it was a nice day, and Mrs Bob was busy working in her office at home. I was almost on my way  home when I received an invitation from my best friend asking if I wanted to have a catch-up. We decided to meet in a pub in my town, got a table some (soft) drinks and caught up on what had been going on in our lives. It was so nice to just sit and begin the wind down that many take for granted on the weekend. It meant that when I got home to Mrs Bob, I was relaxed and ready to sit with her and watch our latest favourite TV show, Blindspot, which is brilliant and highly recommended.

Follow this with a sumptuous home-cooked feast at the hands of Mrs Bob, and some game time on my Xbox, and I think it’s been a perfect end to a good weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you chose to do with it, wherever and whoever you spent with…. if you can remember that far back now!

Stay Safe x

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