This Sunday has seen the last of the indoor season with the archery club that I belong to. From now on, we will be shooting outdoors at our club’s ground as opposed to the indoor centre that we use over winter.  The hall is being remodelled, and so we are moving to the summer venue a little early. That means that due to the distance between the club and my work hours on a Sunday, I will have to stop shooting over the summer season until we begin using the indoor facilities again.

There is a downside to this scenario, which is that as I’m not being able to practice the sport I love for some months and this means that without practice my personal best (480 out of 600) and skills will surely deteriorate.  So I’m now at a crossroads and a dilemma. Do I take the summer off and hope that when we return to the indoor season I can get back up to speed and hope my scores don’t drop too much in the interim?  Or do I throw in the towel? (Note from wifety…. don’t give up hunny)

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