Thar She Blows

Today after work I had a wonderful date afternoon with my long suffering wife Mrs Bob; his was a brilliant way to unwind.

Mrs Bob was waiting for me so she could take me out for our afternoon date, this was surprisingly (to those that know me) my idea and for a number of reasons a very lovely afternoon, firstly we don’t tend to go out over the weekend much as I work most of the weekend, secondly Mrs Bob is pretty autistic for an NT, as she doesn’t like going out and/or socialising.  She is also a member of the WDCT Whale and Dolphin Conservation Trust. This is especially relevant as I had made plans for us to travel up to Slapton beach to go whale watching as there has been a humpback spotted there over the last few days.  I knew my wife would love a chance to see it for herself, plus it gave us a chance to enjoy some time together as a couple.

It would appear that most of south Devon had the same idea and had tried to cram all their cars in the tiny and normally unused car park, We managed, luckily, to find a space,  got our binoculars out and began to scour the seas looking for this majestic creature to rear its head, Unfortunately, the only thing to raise its head was a very grumpy woman who decided to start being rude to someone who was standing next to us, over the seriously heinous crime of BAD PARKING.  Before he could ask if his parking was causing her a direct issue, she had stormed off. This prompted Mrs Bob and I to leave, as more and more cars were arriving and so before tempers could fray further, we left and went back to “the beginning”.

This will mean nothing unless you know the story of how Mrs Bob and I got together.  We went to Blackpool Sands, which is just down the coast from Slapton, when I first visited her, and fell in love with this wonderful county of Devon.  But that really is another very wonderful story and one I may write at a later date. Anyway, back to today and Blackpool Sands – we had a nice coffee and then decided to get the binoculars out and just watch the sea and have some us time.  To our surprise, though, our special venue decided to show us some dolphins or porpoises.

We had almost given up on seeing anything and had decided to go back to our favourite piece in our story to relax and have a mini date.  It would seem that the universe, or fate had decided to make it an even more magical day for us.

Stay Safe X


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