4,012 Steps to Happiness

After all the fun and drama of Slapton Beach on Sunday (see Thar She Blows) and the fact that my date afternoon with Mrs Bob was so much fun and a great way to get out of the house,  I decided yesterday when I awoke that we should take some more time to do something similar again. Plus, on Monday a regular guest had informed me that the whale we had been searching for on Sunday had moved location to a place called Berry Head, which is not too far from us.  I’m still somewhat shocked that the whale couldn’t be bothered to update its location on FB or Twitter at least.. so much for the digital age!

We had a few things to deal with first, as I have certain routines that I have to complete on a Tuesday plus I had to get some test results from the doctors, which I was very anxious about, so I was very glad to get it over and done with.  After that, I did my usual bits and pieces, before saying to a very relaxed Mrs Bob “Right, are you ready?” – which she obviously wasn’t, as I had annoyingly sprung  this on her.  I’d had this whole scenario planned in my head but had forgotten to open my mouth.  I was ready and I expected her to be also. Luckily, she was completely up for it, so we got our binoculars, hats and coats and made our way to Berry Head and Brixham.

The drive to Berry Head was not really a very long drive but the last portion is one of Devon’s particular specialities: a single track road, which out of season can be a nuisance and in season a no-go area, especially on routes to some of our county’s beauty spots. We found a place to park at Berry Head with relative ease and began the walk. It was a nice afternoon with a little sunshine and a breeze and the walk was pleasant – not too hilly but dry underfoot.  This gave us the opportunity to take it easy, enjoy each other’s company and even share some thought-provoking conversation about our favourite subject: Science.  We also took the time to really appreciate the beautiful scenery that surrounded us and take some pictures – even the usual Husband and Wife selfie that we always take when we go out. I know, I know, at our ripe old  ages we shouldn’t be doing this selfie malarkey but it’s kind of a tradition that started when we first went to Blackpool Sands all those years ago.  We now have a nice collection of selfies from all of our trips and we love reviewing them.

We eventually reached the old fortified walls, cannons and lighthouse and took some time to read the various information signs that were up, as well as admiring the beautiful view across the Torbay. We had a look for the whale but, alas, after twenty minutes of searching it was nowhere to be found, so we enjoyed the views and decided to stop off for coffee and cake at the little but well-stocked coffee shop on the headland. This was a great call on the part of my wife, as they had salted caramel latte and I do love a fancy coffee. This was just what we both needed: a nice trip out and a chance to unwind and get some fresh air.  As a nice addition, when I looked at my phone’s pedometer app, I had managed to clock up quite a few steps!  That counteracted the cake and coffe I had splurged out on, and turned it into a healthy day for both of us, in both mind and body. A really lovely day.

Stay Safe X

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