Mother’s Day

I’ve had a very busy day today, beginning with an earlier than usual start due to the clocks going forward last night.  I also had a late night (or should I say early morning) as it was gone half one this morning before I decided to call it a night. Truth be told, the only reason I turned off the TV and disconnected from the virtual world was not because I was tired, but because Mrs Bob, who was cuddled up with me, had fallen asleep on me. So, after turning the television off, it was time to call it night – I decided not to set an alarm as I could do with catching up on some sleep.

I awoke quite early and without the use of an alarm clock or at least a mechanical one, (our furry alarm clock/house guest, Dog, had woken Mrs Bob and myself up around half seven) and so the day began. I started my morning routine of making hot drinks for the both of us and attending to the needs of the cat. Even with such an early start, it was a nice and relaxing way to start my Sunday with the woman I love before grabbing my bow and heading to the local archery club.  The only reason I went to the club was because one of my closest friends and the club’s old VP was returning home after being away at university. I don’t have many friends, if I’m completely honest, but I’m close to him and we had been talking whilst he was away.  As it was the only week where we would be shooting indoors, as I’ve been in talks with another club to try to really get ahead competition-wise, I really had to make the effort to see him and have a good catch up before I went to work. I must admit, my friend has changed a great deal, but I guess that university will do that to you. I’ve seen his photos and videos on Snapchat and that is most certainly not a story for this blog!

After this, with the sun shining, I decided to enjoy the weather and take the long way home before spending the rest of Mother’s Day with Mrs Bob and our adopted fur baby, Dog (who had managed to send a Mother’s Day card to his foster mummy). I then tried to call my mother and wish her a happy Mother’s Day, but she had gone out to my sister’s for the day. I live too far away for her to come around for dinner. Even so, this is one day of the year I really try to catch up with her, because as much as it is a time of celebration of motherhood and all that goes with it, it’s also a time of reflection and pain because, unbeknown to most people, my biological father chose the night before Mother’s Day when I was seven, to disappear out of our lives. I guess time heals all wounds, or at least that’s what I would like to believe. For my mother, she has over the last thirty-odd years forgotten and moved on with her life. Every year, though, I’m always reminded of waking up that morning and learning that my life would never be the same ever again.

I must admit that over the years, I have had my problems and disagreements with my mother, the way she has dealt with me and her occasional dismay at the way that I’ve chosen to live my life. She has upset and even angered me over the years, but when I reflect on our relationship, she has been there when my father walked out and she worked her butt off to make sure we had a roof over our heads, food on the table and my school fees paid. So I’m sure I can take the time out one day of the year to let her know I appreciate her sacrifices and wish her a Happy Mothers Day.

Stay Safe X

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