Once More Round the Sun

I’ve just finished my first week at my new place of employment, so what can I tell you about the first seven days, 168 hours or 604,800 seconds?  I’m part of a great team and I really love it there. I also get two consecutive days off – Monday and Tuesday. This is great because i get bank holiday Mondays off – something I’m not used to. This was especially good this week, as it was the anniversary of my 42nd trip round the sun. Having my birthday made me think.

I’m sure that most people really love having a birthday, but, as an Aspie, I was just wondering if anybody else has difficulty with their own birthdays. With each passing year I find my birthday more of a struggle. It’s not the day, per se, or the fact that I’m getting older, but I find all the attention I get on my birthday rather overwhelming and sooner or later I wish that everybody would just leave me alone. I also find getting presents from people other than Mrs Bob a bit of a nightmare, because it is a social minefield for me. It makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious – did I seem genuine with my thanks? Will they expect some form of physical contact, like a hug? Above all, I generally just feel utterly exhausted by the end. However, people just don’t seem to understand why I’d rather be on my own on the day and they think I’m just being silly or modest when I tell them.

So I came up with an Aspie way to celebrate my birthday! It began with the usual ‘phone call from my parents, where they sing happy birthday to me. It usually drives me mad, but I have now realised that it’s well-intentioned and I should make the most of the time with my parents as I’m going to miss them when they’re gone. I chilled out with Mrs Bob and opened my presents from her; I got some great stuff: T-shirts, Batman books (always a winner) and decided what to do with the day, which is simple – go out for something to eat. No, before you think it, I’m not one for a five course gourmet meal with a side of pretension, I want to go to my favourite little vegan place. I’m not a vegan or veggie, they just serve the greatest selection of lattes i.e. Black Forest, Creme Brûlée, etc, and they make my favourite omelette with the greatest gluten-free bread. On top of that, I t’s a quiet little place with lovely owners, that almost feels like home. I followed this with some Xbox game time on The Division and then rented a new movie online. This is not to everyone’s taste, including Mrs Bob, but xXx The Return of Zander Cage is a film I’ve wanted to see and it’s my birthday after all.

I guess in the end, it doesn’t matter how you spend your birthday or who you spend it with, as long as you have a lovely, relaxing, stress-free time doing whatever it is you enjoy.

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