Routines & Migraines*

Over the last few days I have been very busy, not with my job, and although it does keep me busy, I get two days off back to back during the week.  While I thought it would mess with my routine, it’s not been that bad, and I have been able to use my free time constructively, writing.

The only problem is that I’ve had a headache for the last three days, culminating in the last day almost becoming a full-on migraine. I’m not sure what caused it; could it have been my writing – as it’s very personal and emotional. Or was it the fact that I have a stressful few days and a massive change to my routine at the end of this week including a day off work, lots of driving, and an unfamiliar bed? This got me thinking about whether there is a link between stress levels and my constant headaches.

I am aware that autism is a neurological condition that can cause the brain and nervous system to become hyper-sensitive to almost everything. Doctors seem to think that the filter that exists in a neurotypical brain is either missing or not functioning correctly in someone with an autism spectrum disorder, so literally everything gets through.  Hence, we can become very easily overwhelmed by what others would see as day-to-day normal stuff.

Now, a migraine is a neurological issue that doctors think might result from an over-active and/or sensitive central nervous system.  As someone on the autism spectrum, I would agree. I have dug a little further, and it turns out that there could be a very strong link between the two.

Please find attached the link below from Dr Marcus,

Dr Marcus Migraine Link

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