Trains, Podcasts and Days Off

I have been enjoying a few weeks of mix and match shifts, which as you might know by now, is something that I’m not the biggest fan of.  The first week I had my usual two days off, came back to work for one shift, then had three days off as Mrs Bob was lecturing (and not me for once) in Dorset. I was designated driver, as she has a bad back. We spent Thursday and Friday up there, and while she was working her magic I found a comic book store and a nice coffee shop so I was happy to while the hours away before driving back to Devon and relax. Then on the Saturday, I went off on a little adventure  on the train to Exmouth to cover a ComicCon for a geeky website. Surprisingly, for an Aspie, I don’t mind trains as I can read, listen to a podcast and most of the time people leave me alone. Mrs Bob managed to drive me down to the local train station, and as I waited to board the train I saw one of my staff get on board. So I did the socially acceptable thing and tapped her on the shoulder, which made her jump, and I said hi, before fleeing to another carriage.

I  settled down with a couple of podcasts and enjoyed the scenery as it passed by my window. It was a nice relaxing trip with a pretty empty carriage and before I knew it I was at Exeter station ready to change trains to Exmouth. While waiting for the train, I bumped into my colleague again and, this time, began to have a real conversation, which continued on the next train until she got off a couple of stops later. I was then on my own for the last portion of the trip, and before I knew it I had reached my stop and arrived at the convention.  I was like a kid in a candy shop and had a great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones too.

On Sunday, I was back at work for a split shift and it was like any other Sunday really; lunch was busy, as always, with around 40 covers in the two-and-a-half hour lunch service.  and then a very busy but fun evening.   I then had my usual days off, worked the Wednesday and had  another two days off to drive Mrs Bob to Southampton on Thursday lunchtime. We got checked into a hotel ready for another training session on the Friday morning – things didn’t quite go to plan, but then I was back to work for the Saturday and Sunday split shifts, which were both extremely busy, before having another two days off. So, for the past few weeks I hadn’t worked a full week due to my booked holidays and this continued into the third week as this week I worked working for thee days and have been off over this weekend as there is one of the biggest TV, movie and comic book conventions in the south west area. I was given press passes to attend and to interview and report the goings on. I might have also  even purchased some geeky goodies and enjoyed myself!

This, then, is the end of my extended holidays and strange working weeks and it’s back to normality, or at least as normal as my life gets.

No mater how fast my life seems to move it’s always nice to take some time out to just stop and enjoy the time. Whether that means grabbing a caramel latte and watching the world go by, or chatting with an old friend at a geeky convention or just sitting in bed with the person you love watching a favourite show together. You don’t have to fill your days with things, but if you do, make the things you fill your days with count.

Stay Safe X

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