A short while ago, I was talking to some very close friends of mine about where I wanted to take things, with respect to my writing and blogging, etc.  Among all the ideas I had, there was one that I was very curious about looking into further.

This idea was to give my blog a voice, so to speak, by creating a podcast.  Although this was an exciting thought, it was also a very scary idea.  It was exciting because I could take my voice and my blog and reach an even bigger audience, which would mean there was more potential to raise more awareness of both Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, and that was the main goal of my New Year ideas.  It was scary because, until now, I had been able to hide behind my blog and, to a lesser degree, my pen name, although quite a lot of you know my identity.

It would mean taking that very scary and somewhat irreversible desicion to give my words a voice; my voice, in fact. This would mean no more anonymity.  So, with a great deal of nervousness and trepidation, on Christmas Day I went to my office and got my audio kit out.  I lit some candles, poured myself a large glass of Jack Daniels, pressed record and began to waffle to myself, as I still wasn’t sure whether I would publish it when I’d finished recording,

The Podcast was only just over 16 minutes long, and was totally unscripted (except for the piece of poetry or scribble I read out), unlike now, where I find it’s best to have a script with ideas so I don’t go off-topic too much.

After I had finished recording, I made the very impulsive move to stick this creation online for people to see, judge and critique.  This was the scariest part of the whole thing for me, as from that point forward there was no turning back.

I’m pleased and relieved to say that I had very positive feedback from everyone who listened to that first, tentative outing into the world of podcasting, This gave me the courage to think about subjects about which I wanted to raise awareness, and also it gave me the passion to write again, as I hadn’t written in years.  It was one piece of poetry called “Cheer Up”.

I want to thank each and every one of you that has shown me love and support with this new project.  It’s true what they say: “You don’t know ‘til you try” and I’m glad I did.  I’m so very grateful to you all for your support.

If you haven’t listened yet, and want to, please go to iTunes or Podbean and search for “Bob Christian Podcast.”

Stay Safe X

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