Catch up

I must apologise for being away from here for such a long time, but over the last few weeks and months I’ve been so caught up in all my other side projects and other fantastical ideas, that I’ve not really had time to keep you updated with what’s been going on in my life, and ramble on at you here.

Well where do I start? Yes, before you say “the beginning” like a smart-arse – don’t. it’s not funny, big or clever. Although logically, it’s the ideal start point for any story, so let’s begin there. I have been interviewed for a book that is coming out this year – exciting news, and surprising at the same time. I’ve started writing scribbles (poetry if you must) again too.  This was bought about by someone asking me if I still write, and if not, why not.  This prompted me to begin writing again, and I must say that after sending some samples of them to a very good friend in Knoxville, I was told that they were very fierce and aggressive, which was unsurprising as I was listening to angry white guy, Eminem, while writing. I think that might have influenced my writing style somewhat. This same friend also prompted another side project or idea, which I had thought of myself, but ignored. Now, after her confirmation, I’m very keen to pursue this idea. This side project is rap or spoken word to music, maybe. I was told that a lot of my work had a melodic flow that would lend itself to music. Now, anyone who knows me will attest to the fact I’m a tone-deaf, semi-literate space bum (points if you get the reference). I’m not musically talented; I can barely play the spoons! So, I did what all crap musicians like Wand Erection and Just a Beaver do: I used a computer for the back beats, etc.  The results were received with a mixed reaction, so it’s still a side idea – but one I’m keen to pursue in private.

The biggest of my new ideas was brought about by another friend’s suggestion, and a Twitter poll where I asked the Twitterverse if I should consider doing a podcast. This was a huge step for me, as I hate my voice and I have a few other issues, including dyslexia and a stutter when I’m nervous. Anyway, the poll suggested that I should put a podcast together and share my thoughts with the world, so just a week before Christmas, I got my microphone and a bottle of Jack Daniels and decided to waffle into an empty void about Autism and my life on the spectrum.  Well, this was only a 15-20 minute podcast, but it proved a turning point in the game, because after I put it up on Podbean (and then later iTunes), it started to take off.

I was blown away by the messages and kind words from people all over the world, and as a result of this I decided to have another go at it – this time with a script and ideas, etc.  It’s really taken off – people have even asked me to address certain issues.

Alongside this, I’ve been back to Derby to see my family and friends, but most importantly to meet my very first grandchild.  Yes, I’m sure you can’t believe a young handsome guy like me is a grandad! Well, I am and it was a very emotional trip as I had only seen pictures and didn’t know how I would react. These things, and some other bits alongside some personal issues, have meant that I’ve been missing for a while. Well guys, rest assured that I’m back and ready to hit 2018 like the bitch owes me £3,000 and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Stay Safe X

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